stop motion animation


«Adelina» is the stop motion animation short film that I made as a final project for the Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Music: «Linho do cuco»


«Adelina» has participated in the «Quedada Stopmotia 2013», in the parallel activity of the Cinema Jove: «Prime the Animation».

It has been selected in: Animar 2012, Anirmau 2013, 3rd Festival of Alhama de Granada «Alhama Ciudad de CINE», Festival de Cine de Elche 2013, Animac 2014, Festival NON STOP ANIMATION Barcelona.

Requested to be screened in the children’s section of the Fuengirola Film Festival 2014 and for the MÈDIT FILLETS section of the MÈDIT Mediterranean Film Festival of Menorca. Shortlisted at the 17th annual New York International Children’s Film Festival.


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Tecnique: stop motion 2012