photo-portrait of a smiling woman with dark hair in an orange shirt

Wellcome to Mirilustra

I’m Miriam Rodríguez in my personal life, but professionally, I am known as Mirilustra.I studied Fine Arts at the Faculty of San Carlos in Valencia (Spain).

Hitherto, I’ve identified myself as a Graphic Artist, but over the past
few years, editorial illustration has been assuming greater prominence,
emerging as the primary cornerstone of my work.

I am a professional in continual evolution. As an illustrator, I view my
craft not merely as a profession but as a way of life, akin to any other artistic discipline. Continuous study and experimentation are inherent to any dedicated professional in this field. Therefore, I approach each project with enthusiasm, attentively listening to the client’s proposals and wholeheartedly embracing the challenges they present.

My aim as a professional is to deliver optimal and comprehensive results
to my clients. I strive to tailor the work not only to their specific needs but also to the resources at their disposal.

I’ve had the privilege of publishing works in collaboration with
esteemed partners such as Planeta & Oxford, MITA (International
Puppet Museum of Albaida), ACVEM, the Albaida City Council, and the Gandia City Council.

Let’s collaborate! If you have a project in mind or need creative input, I’m ready to work together and bring your ideas to life.